Do you believe in heaven? How about heaven on earth? What if heaven on earth isn't just a religious concept, but an actual experience that is available to each of us right now?

Some people experience heaven on earth all the time, in everything they give their attention to. Poonja Swami, known as Papaji in India, was said to see heaven on earth in everything—even in the excrement on the street. Others claim to regularly hear angelic music, unlike anything performed by humans, that generates great bliss. What is different about them then the rest of us?

In our hurried, time-bound, anxious existence, we spend very little time “here” in the present moment, experiencing what is actually here, now. Our minds are focused on creating a hopeful future in order to avoid pain from the past, and we rarely settle long enough to experience what is happening in the present moment. We have little awareness of what is actually happening inside of us—or around us—moment-to-moment in the physical world.

Heaven on earth is right here, right now, but we need “present-time awareness” to experience it. Slowing down, spending a few moments fully in the moment, provides the doorway to heaven on earth and all of the peaceful feelings that go with it. Learning to be present is incredibly simple. Staying in the present moment is not! We must arise in mastery of our mind and ego to stay in the present moment. One of my favorite teachers and mystics, Leonard Jacobson, has a wonderful way into the present moment. He calls it the “two step dance of awakening.” Check out more about Leonard and his teachings here:

I had always been very afraid of bees after, at a very young age, watching my mother get stung, have an allergic reaction, and get taken away in an ambulance. I believed that these tiny creatures would take a “stab” at you every chance they got, so I steered clear of them and felt strong fear whenever they were around. Then, one day at a retreat in CA, I had found my way into the present moment and was enjoying all of the beauty around me. As I looked over at rosemary and lavender bushes, I noticed tons of bees all around, buzzing from flower to flower. In this state of presence, I didn't have my usual “fear” reaction. When we are in the present moment, the past and future don't exist, so I had no past fear to draw from. I went over and sat down to take a look, and was amazed at what I saw. These bees were the hardest working creatures I had ever seen! And each of them had a unique shape, color and personality. I could see their interactions and how they supported each other, and at the same time held their ground. One bee was even helping another one whose wing was not as strong find flowers with pollen. I was enchanted. I found myself loving these bees, and their natural role and connection to all of us. The more I fell in love with them, the more everything seemed to glow around me with its own energy and light. I felt full of peace and bliss and connected to everything on the planet. It became clear to me that anytime I harm anything, I am really harming myself—that's how connected I felt. In those present moments with the bees, I experienced heaven-on-earth and realized that it is here with me all of the time, when I take the time to be present. My new experience in the present moment washed away all of my past beliefs about how frightening bees were. Now I can enjoy them as they are—without the old fear tied to my old beliefs.

When we slow down enough to experience the present moment, all of our past beliefs fall away and we can see what is really here on this beautiful planet—Heaven on Earth.

Are you willing to slow down and check out a little heaven on earth?

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