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Do you feel as though you have a greater purpose or mission to fulfill, but struggle to know what that is?

Do you find that the worldly measures of success don’t provide the satisfaction they promise?

Do you hide your ‘out of this world’ experiences, ideas, or expression from others?

Perhaps you have a soul purpose that is calling you now.

If you identify as a Starseed or Lightworker, now is the time to wake up and remember who you are and what you came here to do.


As humans, the vibrational level of collective-consciousness has limited our ability to connect to our individual purpose. For some it is clear as a bell, yet for many it is murky at best. We ALL have a larger purpose in life, yet we must raise our own consciousness to connect with it and access this expanded part of ourselves that holds the key.

More and more of us are hearing the call of our soul, and for many, now is the time to heed that call. When we connect with and follow our soul’s guidance, we come into alignment with our greater purpose and what we came here to experience, express and contribute. Then we can become our best and highest version of ourselves.

Some of us incarnated at this time with a soul-mission to support the earth in her expansion to a higher octave of existence. Some of the roles we may be playing as part of our mission include system-buster, healer (of hearts, bodies, or minds), starseed, way-shower, teacher, guide, channel, bringer of new technology, lightworker, earth-healer, shaman, grid-worker, community-builder, whistle-blower, etc. You may find yourself playing one or more of these roles in your family, at work, or as part of your community.

Our purpose is more than to do what we do well - it gets to ‘light us up’. When we are in alignment with our greater purpose, we have a clear ‘magnetic north’ to make decisions by and we feel energized, creative, expansive and fulfilled. When we trust and rely on our inner guidance to guide our actions, our lives are filled with ease, abundance, support, collaboration, surprise and delight.

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When we are connected to our Soul Purpose, life flows easily and we feel fulfilled as we connect with and contribute to the greater meaning in our lives.


Soul Purpose Sessions support you to:

  • Build a strong inner relationship with your soul and inner guidance system

  • Release old limiting beliefs and the emotional energy tied to them

  • Cut energetic ties, cords, and agreements to systems, experiences and people that no longer serve your purpose

  • Clarify your unique purpose and how you can align with it in every area of your life

  • Let go and follow your inner guidance, while collecting evidence for your human mind to relax and trust the co-creative process with the unseen realm

Soul Purpose Sessions include:

Between five (5) and (10) one-hr video calls over a 6 month period.

A variety of discovery exercises, exploratory discussions, regression sessions, books, oils, stones, films, guided meditations, and energetic activations.

24/7 access to me for personal support between sessions.

Costs range from $1,000 to $2000

If you are looking to answer the inner call, Soul Purpose work might be for you.