How do we manifest our desires? By aligning our expectations with those desires. Sounds simple, right? Yet, unless we are aware of our REAL expectations, those driven by our core beliefs, we are unable to get into alignment.

How can we know when we are out of alignment with our desires? We know by thinking about the desire, and examining the feelings that come with it. When we feel bad, those emotions are telling us that our desires are out of alignment with our beliefs. We want it, but we don’t think we can have it.

Up until recently, my desire for financial freedom and a life of ease seemed completely out of reach. I believed that I could have one, or the other, but not both. I felt anxious and angry when I thought about my desire. No wonder it had not manifested in my life. The quantum field will always respond to my expectations based on my beliefs. These beliefs included, “that only happens to the lucky and the strong,” “rich people are lazy,” and “hard work is the only option for wealth...”  Where, then, is the ease?

The ease I sought comes from aligning our beliefs and our desires. If we have not yet manifested what we desire, uncovering our limiting beliefs is the first step toward aligning them with our desires. A wonderful exercise comes out of Greg Kuhn's book, Grow a Greater You. Greg uses the Abraham-Hicks emotional scale to help explore and shift beliefs at the emotional level, working at a pace that the subconscious mind will respond to. Becoming aware of our desire, and acknowledging how we honestly feel about it at the gut level, is a powerful way to help us move from where we are to where we want to be. I've been using this exercise from Greg Kuhn for a few months and am happy to report that my feelings about enjoying financial freedom and a life of ease have completely transformed. I actually feel powerful, excited and eager when I think of my desire. And lo and behold, it is starting to manifest. Less hard work, more money$$, more fun, more joy, more ease.

What is your desire and how do you feel about it?

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