Why Release Old Energy?

To shift our limiting beliefs to ones that work in our favor, many of us need to release the old energy that is still connected to painful unprocessed experiences from our early years.

When we find ourselves responding more strongly than a situation actually calls for, we have triggered the old pool of stored energy/trapped emotion from our past.

As our bodies seek to release these old emotions by bringing them up into our consciousness, our mind pushes them back down as unacceptable or dangerous based on our limiting beliefs. This creates huge stresses on our bodies and can lead to mental or physical health issues.

Emptying out the old well of trapped energy is key to coming back into our natural state of buoyancy and balance.

Unexpected situations can bring old trapped energy and emotions to the surface to be cleared. Once this happens, we are able to see new solutions from a new set of empowering beliefs.

My experience was peaceful, loving and supportive. While I must admit, my controlling self was skeptical, I was wonderfully surprised. I went on a journey that uncovered a part of me I was unaware of. I walked away filling a void once occupied with unworthiness, with true family love (something I thought only happened on TV). Thank you Wendy!
— Barb



The Body Code uses your own' body’s innate intellegence to identify and release trapped energy and emotions from unprocessed experiences we have had in this body and beyond.

This approach uses muscle testing (Kinesiology) to identify the trapped energy and the body’s electromagnetic field to release it. I am a Body Code practitioner and can work with you in person, by phone, video or on your behalf as your ‘proxy’.

I also work with animals including dogs, cats and horses.

Sessions are 45 minutes and includes a write up of what was cleared. $100 per session.


We are souls having a human experience, not the other way around. There is so much evidence that shows that our souls have many experiences in many bodies over many lifetimes. Trapped energy from traumatic or unresolved experiences from other lifetimes, timelines and star-systems, can be carried into our current incarnation. By allowing the mind to acknowledge past experiences, it can understand and heal by releasing the energy connected to that experience. I am professionally trained by Brian Weiss, a leading authority and author in past life regression.

90 minute in-person or video-sessions available. $150 per session.