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Live a Life You Love and Make a Living Doing it! 2006

Changing our limiting beliefs to ones that work in our favor is at the heart of this 'inside-out' approach to creating and living a fulfilling life. We experience life-balance and increased energy by 'Having Fun, Doing Good, and Making Money' - all in that order.


7 Beliefs That Limit Your Life and How to Change Them 2016

This simple 27 page guide is designed in seven sections - each one focused on a limiting belief that almost all of us hold often without realizing it. Each section includes a brief description of the belief in question that is followed by a series of questions that will allow you to begin the process of transcending it. If you are ready to shift your limiting beliefs around love, power, selfishness, pleasure, trust, feeling good, and responsibility, this guide is an opportunity to begin the journey. Change Your Beliefs – Change Your Results

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Teachings and teachers that have contributed to The Belief Coach’s perspective and methods:


Teacher/Author & Link                                Book/Audio/Video

Abraham Hicks:                    Ask and It is Given, Getting Into the Vortex

Greg Kuhn:                            Grow A Greater You, Why Quantum Physicists Never Fail

Leonard Jacobson:              Journey Into Now, Words From Silence

Louise Hay:                           You Can Heal Your Life

Lynne McTaggert:                The Field, The Bond, The Intention Experiment

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf:               Taking the Quantum Leap, Little Book of Big Ideas

Dr. Bruce Lipton:                   The Biology Belief, Spontaneous Evolution

Dr. Amit Goswami:                What the Bleep, How Consciousness Creates Reality

Penney Peirce:                      Frequency, Leap of Perception

Byron Katie: Loving What Is

Greg Braden:                         Fractal Time, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

David Hawkins:                     Letting Go, Power vs. Force, Transcending Consciousness

Vital Smarts: Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability

Brian Weiss: Many Lives Many Masters, Only Love is Real

Betty Martin: The Wheel of Consent

Bradley Nelson: The Emotion Code, The Body Code System