Do you believe that life is for you, or against you? Most of us believe that some larger force, one that is mostly out of our control, is running the show, and it's up to us to respond in ways that keep us safe and in good favor with that force. Many of us have had this experience through our religion with an angry/judgmental God that needs us to behave a certain way here in this “hell” on earth, in order to earn our way into heaven later. Others learned as children that it was our parents who had the power over us, and that as adults anyone in authority has the same control over our lives. Some of us learned that we are here playing out our Karma so we can stop coming back, life after life, once our contracts are complete. Many have learned that we evolved from single cell organisms and life is about “survival of the fittest.” Regardless of the founding belief, in the end, most of us were left thinking that life is AGAINST YOU.

What if this wasn't true? What if life was FOR YOU, not against you? What if everything happening in our lives was aimed at evolving into who we are destined to become—awake, loving, present, compassionate beings that experience the unity in all life?

When we go through life with the belief that what happens to us is against us, we create a huge amount of resistance to the good-feeling experiences available in our lives. We judge situations as right or wrong, good or bad, to give ourselves a sense of being in control. Watching the news is a great way to collect evidence that life is “against us.” Reacting to a loss in our lives as “bad” or “wrong” confirms that life is against us. When we expect life to be against us, we tell the quantum field to return more “against us” experiences. Is that what we really want to continue to recreate in our lives?

Getting fired with only one week's notice was a big concern for a very dear friend of mine. As a single mom, she didn't know how she would pay her bills, support her son, or get her own business off the ground after she had spent over a year supporting the employer that just let her go. At first, she felt that life was against her, and this was just more proof around her old limiting belief of not being good enough. Based on her viewpoint, if she had been enough, they wouldn't have fired her!

As she allowed her fear and anger to come up, and as she responsibly expressed these feelings, she decided to take a different approach. She began to consider that getting fired was for her—not against her. It helped her challenge and change her old belief about not being enough into realizing she is perfect just the way she is. As she started looking at the situation from this viewpoint, new insight and possibilities occurred to her. She even got to the point of thanking the company who fired her, since it helped her change her old limiting belief, and freed her up to do what she is most passionate about. She now has clients lining up for her support, she can work fewer days and make the same amount of money while spending more time with her son. Getting fired was actually FOR HER, not against her.

What are you willing to see as “for you” today?

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