What is it that you desire in your life? Is it a new car, larger breasts, or just being able to sleep in on the weekends? Are they small desires, or are you still in touch with your big dreams for yourself, your family or the world?

Regardless of the “what,” of our desire, we all believe that if we attain these “whats,” we will feel better in having them. And that is the key to attaining our desires: feeling the feelings that go with them, and feeling those feelings now... even before the experience manifests in our life. When we imagine the future that we desire and allow ourselves to generate the feelings that go with that desire, we activate the quantum field to deliver what we want. And we get to feel good while we are imagining this future we desire.

That's good news! We can feel the good feelings that come with our desires now, in this moment, regardless of what is actually happening in front of us right now. Even better news is that the quantum field responds to what we are feeling now, and brings more experiences that match our good feelings on the inside, no matter what things look like on the “outside” of our lives.

When we remember that the path to achieving our desire is an emotional journey, not an action journey, our old beliefs about “hard work,” “degrees,” “luck,” "beauty", or “privilege” can drop away. We can imagine and feel our way into what we most desire right now--without waiting for the specifics to manifest in our lives to feel that way. When we get clear about what we want and why, the quantum field will handle the how and when. Then, our job is to follow what feels best to us, moment-to-moment which naturally creates more experiences of what feels good with much less effort or need to control the timing or method of our desire's delivery to us. In this way, when the details of our desire do appear, we can be surprised and delighted.

What are the feelings you have when you imagine living the experiences you most desire? Are you ready to let yourself feel those feelings now? Regardless of what you have today?

Enjoy the emotional journey!


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