Our beliefs create our reality—literally!

If we don't know which beliefs are true for us, we create our lives unconsciously, not understanding why we experience life's ups and downs.

When a negative feeling moves through you, take a moment and ask yourself why you feel that way(?). What meaning are you giving the situation to generate this negative feeling? What are you telling yourself about you and about others?

Some common beliefs include;

  • I'm not enough

  • I'm not important

  • I’m a screw-up

  • My needs don’t matter

  • There isn’t enough  

  • I'm unlovable

Although none of these beliefs are true, when they are carried into adulthood, they continue to color the events in our lives the same way they did in childhood. This happens as an automatic self-defense mechanism to avoid feeling our stored pain. These hidden beliefs attract situations to us that match up to our belief.

For instance, If my hidden belief is that I’m a screw-up, when something unexpected occurs, I could think it’s my fault, or it may keep me from offering to help to handle the unexpected situation. When the meaning we have attached to a circumstance is hidden from us by our lack of awareness, we end up on ‘automatic’ and are unable to choose something that feels better to us when making decisions in our life.

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