Why are beliefs so important? Beliefs create our physical experiences. Literally. Quantum physics has shown that the energy we are all comprised of doesn't actually manifest as 'matter' until we give it our attention. Our attention, and the expectations we hold, collapse waves of energy into actual particles that become our experience. Pretty far out...yet scientifically proven.*

If we expect bad things to happen to us, they will. Our expectations, driven by our beliefs about what is 'true', tells the universe (zero point field, Source, God, Goddess etc.) what to manifest in our experience. We really are that powerful.

When we have a desire (new job, happier relationship, financial freedom), but our expectations (based on our beliefs) say we can't achieve that desire, our expectations will win every time. The universe responds to our expectations. If those expectations are not aligned with our desire, no amount of 'effort' can get us what we want.

Our work is clear. Aligning our beliefs with what we most desire to be/do/have. This is how we create what we want to experience.

What are you expecting today?

*Want to learn more about how it works? Here is a video on quantum physics for 7 year olds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARWBdfWpDyc

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