How do our beliefs live in our bodies? When we hold a limiting belief, our bodies respond to the feelings we generate from that belief. When I feel driven, I get headaches. When I'm fearful, I can develop an ulcer. Longstanding resentments can create cancer. If I feel desperate, I can manifest pneumonia.

Our bodies hold the emotional response to our beliefs. Louise Hay's book, You Can Heal Your Life lists the beliefs we tend to hold as dis-ease in our bodies (ie: a lack of ease). Unless we feel, and responsibly express, those feelings our bodies will hold those emotions for us physically until we are ready to express them emotionally.

Many of us believe that only gradual action can create gradual change in our bodies. We can often have an abrupt change due to accident or illness that comes on suddenly, yet takes a long time to heal. Do we believe that it has to take a long time to return to full functioning and ease?

While traveling once, my flight was delayed. My belief was that the delay would result in a very tough and uncomfortable connection, and my belief created that exact experience. The quantum field responded to my strong expectations, and I fell going up on the escalator as I ran through the airport to catch my connecting flight. Within an hour, I had bruises on both knees, and my elbow started to throb and swell.

Two days later as I traveled home, I recognized how the quantum field had provided exactly what I expected—a tough and uncomfortable experience. I thought about how I didn't have to believe that as truth, and how I could choose a different experience in the future, I decided I could imagine these connections as easy and relaxed, even if I felt out of control not knowing what was going to happen.

Less than 12 hours after I recognized and took responsibility for my creation, my body responded. I woke up the next morning and the bruises and pain had been reduced to almost nothing. My husband asked to see where I got hurt and could barely see what I was talking about, even though I had been in so much discomfort the day before.

This experience helped me to remember that the quantum field will always respond to my expectations—and that is the one thing I have real control of.

What beliefs are you ready to uncover in your body today?

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