Do you believe that you are your body? Do you believe that the experiences you are having in this physical body are YOU? Many of us do. You can hear it in the language that we use. We say things like "I'm fat,” “I'm tired,” “I’m sad,” “he's attracted to me,” “she thinks I'm cute,” “I hate looking old,” “I am angry,” “he made me disgusted,” “I'm sick and tired of working," etc. These are all statements that say, “I AM my body.”

The allopathic medical profession (e.g, what health insurance pays for) has not helped us in this view of ourselves. We are treated like a mass of physical symptoms that are to be calmed down or smoothed away. If we can just fix, preserve, or improve our body, then we are led to believe that everything will be OK. The medical profession has learned to preserve our physical body far beyond what is natural, even when it no longer serves us.

What if you are NOT your body? What if you are really a non-physical being (e.g., pure consciousness) that is currently physically focused? What if the body is simply a vehicle of expression and experience that enables this pure consciousness to continue the expansion of the universe? What if the negative emotions we experience in our body are simply messages that our beliefs and reality are out of sync? It sounds pretty far out—but it's closer to the truth of who we are than what most of us were raised to believe.

Our bodies are amazing vehicles that are made up of trillions of cells that are seeking and finding balance at all times. Only we can get in the way of that balance, and we do this through the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world.

When we are out-of-balance on the inside, we will be out-of-balance on the outside. Our bodies reflect our beliefs, and store our unexpressed emotions about those beliefs. If we ignore those unexpressed emotions long enough, they will turn into disease. My beliefs also influence my level of wellness. If I believe that it's normal to get a cold at the change of seasons, then I will get a cold at the change of each season. If I believe that antibiotics will make my sinus infection go away, it will. Double blind placebo tests show that 50% or more of those that get the placebo get the benefit of the drug. Our minds are that powerful.

When we truly comprehend that we are nonphysical beings focusing our consciousness in a physical body, how would our language change? We would say things like "sadness is here,” “I'm experiencing some tension in the legs,” or “a throbbing has started at the top of the forehead." We would stop using words like “me” and “mine” in speaking of the body we are physically focused in.

The real you is the one that is experiencing physicality. You are the one that is smelling, thinking, feeling, tasting. You are the experiencer—NOT THE EXPERIENCE—and, as such, you have a say in what experiences you create and how you respond to them.

What is the real you experiencing today through this amazing body you are living in?


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