Who or What is ‘Ascending’?

Many religions and indigenous civilizations point to a time of great change on the earth.

A time of great upheaval that leads to the coming of a Golden Age.

That time is now, and you came here to be part of it



Gaia is raising her vibration from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. This is why we are seeing such a fast shift in her magnetic poles and the chaos on her surface. The lower-density 3-D energy field and timeline that have encircled her for millennia, is dissolving and a new 5-D matrix is being anchored around her energetically. There have been big changes in the Schumaan Resonance field of the earth which, until recently, has been the same frequency for thousands of years. As she makes this shift, she wants all of her life to make the shift with her.



The increased gamma rays from the sun, along with new frequencies from the earth are effecting all life on the planet. The mineral kingdoms, animal kingdoms, plant kingdoms, and human kingdoms all are deeply affected by the shift in vibration and strong photonic light. We are all experiencing changes in our nervous systems, hormonal systems and it is expanding our conscious awareness.

All life is working hard to integrate and anchor this new light on the planet as it shifts us from a polarized dualistic perspective to one of equality, unity and diversity.



Humanity is awakening to who we really are. The change in vibrational frequency and light is slowly transforming our physical structures from Carbon to Crystalline as we activate what has been described as ‘junk DNA’ by science. Our original blueprint had 12 strands of DNA not 2. When these new strands activate, they bring with them our greatest human potential. As we come into full alignment in our physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies, our right brains become active and we can easily connect with all life on both a physical and non-physical level.

While all life is going through this transition, some of us came to support the transition and anchor the new light on the planet.

Perhaps you are one of us - a Starseed or Lightworker?