What is Going On?

Why does it feel like the world around us is getting worse? Politically, economically, environmentally, socially, so much is shifting and changing.

What if the crumbling of these systems simply reflects the old breaking down while the new is emerging?

Sunrays image.jpg


What is happening on our planet is a reflection of the vibrational changes occurring energetically in our solar system and beyond. Our galaxy, solar system and planet have been and continue to travel in new photon belt that is shifting the frequency of our planet and all of life upon it. This is a vibrational shift that is expanding the planet’s consciousness and human consciousness along with it to a higher dimensional vibration.

We are transitioning from a polarized ‘duality consciousness’ to an integrated ‘unity consciousness’. Duality consciousness of the 3rd dimension is polarized thinking that sees everything as separate from each other.  As a result, we feel in competition with everything and everyone else to survive and see all resources as limited. Right and wrong, dark and light, good and bad are all part of seeing ourselves and each other as separate. Unity consciousness of the 5th dimension sees that we are all one energetic being with many different expressions and our survival is already taken care of as energy can never be destroyed – only transformed. Two Very different perspectives.


As this shift from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension takes place, we may begin to experience a more expanded perspective in our day to day lives. The higher our vibration goes, the more our viewpoint shifts away from competition and over to collaboration; from right and wrong to what is right for each of us; from Win/Lose solutions to Win/Win solutions.

Expansion comes with a price - letting go of old limiting beliefs and emotions they create.  The new photon light is pushing us to move up the vibrational scale, and many of us are experiencing own personal upheavals as a result.

Relationship endings, accidents, health issues, and other interruptions are showing up in our lives forcing us to recognize and release what no longer works for us. This includes those limiting beliefs that are no longer true about us that we have held fast to for so long.

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What many of us are experiencing is that everything still unresolved and unexpressed within us (feelings, experiences, energy) is coming up to be cleared from our bodies, minds, emotions, and energy fields. Whatever is still negatively affecting our relationships, our work, our living situations, our bodies, our health, and our emotions are pushing their way up for recognition, healing, completion, and release.

The Earth is doing what she needs to in order to make the transition into her highest potential and we get to do the same.

In order move through these transitions with more ease and grace, we can acknowledge what no longer works for us, and affirm that we deserve to have what does work for us, even if we don’t yet know what that is yet. It’s time to allow ourselves to be innocent in our past choices and forgive ourselves for the choices we made or didn’t make. We did the best we could with what we understood at the time. By allowing ourselves to do this in earnest, we make way for our higher vibrational selves to emerge and calm down the chaos of our lives.

It is time to recognize and bring everything we judge about ourselves and others back into our hearts so we can stop making it separate from us.

It’s OK that we have judged ourselves and others.


We knew no other way based on our old perspective of being separate and not enough just as we are. When we allow ourselves to be OK just as we are, we can begin to release what no longer serves us. This includes old ideas, assumptions, and energy we have taken on that is no longer true for us. Whatever we have or haven’t done is not a statement about who we are or our value in the world.

We always have the potential to expand and relax more into who we really are, and when we re-integrate the judgement back into our hearts, the lighter and clearer our minds become. Our clarity reduces the chaos in our own lives and in the lives of those we touch. Even with the chaos going on around us, we stay focused on creating our own inner clarity and alignment. We watch in confidence and delight as the universe supports our journey in easy and effortless ways.

Does this resonate for you and what is happening in your own life? Perhaps it’s time for a conversation…