Lightworker Qualities


Lightworkers often have a strong sense that they may not belong as others seem to.

This can manifest as a feeling of otherness, isolation or even homesickness - especially for Starseeds.

Lightworkers may often feel that they are on the outside looking in.


Lightworkers can be driven to understand the world better by seeking out extreme experiences. With this experience comes great empathy, which causes them to feel what others feel very deeply.

Lightworkers have a stronger sensitivity to the energies around them. They are especially sensitive to negativity and it wears on them. It may be difficult for them to deal with people who are angry or aggressive.

As a result of this drain on their energy, lightworkers have a need for frequent time along so they can decompress and fill back up from the inside.


Lightworkers do not fit in to traditional authority models or modern workplace structures, and they do not feel comfortable in them either.

This is largely due to their anti-authoritarian nature. While lightworkers may seem timid or shy outwardly, don’t underestimate them, they have a strong resistance to anything that places value on external power or hierarchy.

This is what prompts their rebellious streak.


Lightworkers are often driven to expression and development both for themselves an others. Development on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

They are very likely to find an outlet writing, or in music or art as a way to express themselves and serve as a voice for humanity at large.

It’s also common for lightworkers to be drawn to activities that nurture their spirituality. Ths can be anything from meditation, to spending time in nature, to yoga to self-help or philosophical books.


This trait is rooted in a lightworker’s high sensitivity and emphatic nature, and they are often found in career paths that enable to do so, such as teaching, therapy, healing or nursing.

When lightworkers are enlightened and self-actualized, they recognize this drive as their true purpose in life, and find their own fulfillment in guiding others to their enlightenment.