Do you believe that you can succeed? If you don't, you won't. It's that simple. How do you feel when you think about your success? Excited? Eager? Depressed? Tired? Terrified? Even the smallest amount of ambivalence or apathy can keep the quantum field from delivering your success. Expectations are what this field responds to--regardless of how strong our desire is.

My fear of success has been behind every self-sabotaging action and business stall-out I've created. As a child, I learned that my success took something away from, or did harm to someone else. Messages of how my mother sacrificed her success for taking care of me after my dad left, and how my getting what I wanted (a new friend, 1st chair in the band, a new boyfriend, etc.) reminded my mom of what she didn't have and longed for. My success was the reason she felt bad. As a result, I learned to play down my successes to minimize her negative reactions.

Is it true that I take from another when I succeed? Not so much. In fact, not at all!

In reality, there isn't some finite “pie of success” that only a few of us get to share. The quantum field has infinite manifesting power, and equal access for all of us.

Knowing this, I can begin to change my limiting beliefs around my success to beliefs that feel much better. Here are ones that feel good to me now;

·       When I am present and being myself in the moment, my success is inevitable.

·       My success is healing and helpful for everyone around me as they are surrounded by the good feelings I'm generating.

·       Another's success makes my heart soar.

·       My success shows others how to have their success.

·       There is nothing I have to sacrifice for my success, and there are no prices to pay. It all feels good!

What success can you believe your way into today?


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