How do we change our beliefs about abundance? Most of us have some limiting beliefs that keep us from enjoying the abundance that is naturally ours. Abundance of time, friends, health, love, beauty, peace, expression, money, energy, etc. For many of us, our negative feelings about money, are an indication that our expectations and our desires around abundance are out of alignment. Even if we REALLY want things to be different, the quantum field will respond to our expectations over our desires every time. If we expect to have less than we need or want, then that is what we will create. The key to abundance is to shift our expectations around abundance from ones that feel bad, to ones that feel good. The good feelings generated by our positive expectations will become the magnet that attracts more abundance to us, including money.

This is not something you can fake. You must use your willpower to move your inner attention from old beliefs to new ones. Just saying a positive affirmation (“I am abundant!”) will not change the old belief that has been confirmed over and over again by authority figures from your life. Parents, teachers, pastors, banks, credit card companies, and the company you work for share common beliefs that we have agreed to be true. We have agreed to the belief that there isn't enough to go around, so we had better focus on getting our share. We agreed to the belief that that the “pie” is only so big and not everyone will get a piece. We agreed to the belief that unless we: work hard, go the extra mile, think of others first, be lucky, be highly educated, or know someone, we will never be abundant.

Here is the good news. We have free will, and that gives us the choice to focus our attention where we want. This includes choices about which thoughts we give our attention to. Our thoughts become beliefs that seem true to us when we think them over and over again. We have the choice to notice our limiting thoughts and turn away from them to ones that feel better. Start listening to what you think and believe about abundance. Is it really, really true?

Abundance starts with feeling good about what you already have. Today, take a few moments to acknowledge what you already have in each area of your life. It may be in the form of “things,” “experiences” or “time.”

Here are five things that I acknowledged with gratitude this morning when I woke up: "I feel so grateful for the soft sheets that I sleep in, that I awaken most days without an alarm clock, my dog is sleeping peacefully beside me, I feel rested, and I have nature right outside my window to see when I first open my eyes." I let the warm, smiley, comforting feeling of gratitude fill me and said thank you to the universe for the abundance I already have. A nice way to start the day.

What abundance can you acknowledge in your life right now?


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