Why is it that our good intentions don’t always come to pass? What happens when we decide to change something for the better, and still find ourselves doing or experiencing things the same old way? Many of us write specific lists and make declarations of what we want to experience. Some of us go the lengths of elaborate ritual to set our intentions into motion. Yet, shortly after the initial effort, we are back to our old ways and experiences. Aren’t our good intentions enough?

Having a clear intention is only part of creating what you really want in your life. To tip the scales in your favor…

·        Focus your intention on how you will feel/how it is when you get what you want – not on the fact or feeling that you still don’t have it.

·        Align your underlying belief system needs with what you want. If you don’t feel that you deserve it, or that you need to be different before you get it, you are out of alignment. Let your ego know that the negative story it is telling about you having what you want is not true in this situation, and that what you want is coming to you anyway.

·        Focus your ongoing attention on what does and doesn’t get you closer to having what you want. Pay attention to and keep track of what is actually happening by acknowledging when a negative feeling or perspective is keeping you out of action. Acknowledge when evidence shows up confirming that what you want is already on its way. Writing this down daily is most beneficial.

·        Pay attention to where your beliefs are out of alignment with what you want (“I notice that I’m afraid of what other people will think/say/do if I get what I want”). Acknowledge this is happening without making yourself wrong – just observe. Then do what is most loving for you in that situation.

Here is how I used these for a big change in my own life a few years back:

I wanted to go back out on my own and work for myself again. I was nervous, stressed and fearful about making enough money. I felt overwhelmed at the idea of doing it all myself and was afraid I wouldn’t take good care of myself in the pursuit and fulfillment of client work. I had also decided that no one would ever be in a position of authority over what I felt was best for me ever again. I got clear about my intention to enjoy financial freedom and a life of ease, in service to those ready to see transformative results in their leadership, teams and in their lives. While I wasn’t sure what it would all look like when I started, I did know that I created transformational change with everyone I work with on some level or another. This allowed my ego to relax. While not every client opportunity was a good match, I was able to challenge my ego’s belief that a potential client’s response (or lack of it) was about me. It wasn’t. Now I trust that all the right people and projects come my way and I can tell by how much ease I feel right from the get-go with potential clients and projects. Those are the ones I pursue and I allow the others to fall away naturally.

It all started with my intention. AND - I did the other things that are required to nurture and bring my intention into my reality. I am grateful to say things are working out beautifully three years later. I’m enjoying a thriving practice, working with clients that are ready and excited for change, doing what I love, financially supported in surprising ways, and taking good care of myself, inside and out.

Are you ready to turn your intentions into your reality?