Do you believe we can choose to feel good in any moment? Most of us don't. We have been taught to respond to what’s right in front of us and feel the feelings that go with that experience. If the experience is something we want, we feel good. If its something we don't want, we feel bad. There’s not a lot of creating going on that way. It’s more like knee-jerk reactions based on our beliefs about what is good and what is bad.

What if we chose to feel good regardless of what is happening around us? Our feelings are generated by the meaning we give our experience - the story we tell ourselves. What if we chose to focus on a story that makes us feel good, and turn our attention away from a story that feels bad? This doesn’t mean turning our back on the problems of the world, or to ignore those who we feel inspired to support. What it does mean is not turning our back on ourselves and instead choosing what feels best and most respectful to us in every situation.When we feel good, we generate and attract more experiences that feel good.

Now we are consciously creating a reality we actually want. We are at choice.

Watching the news in the morning may give me the illusion of being connected to the world, yet I am filled with fear and judgment from the polarity and lack of empathy I'm hearing. In my commitment to feeling good, I don't watch the news on TV any longer. Instead, I choose information sources that let me select the stories I want to learn about, and I get to keep feeling good, even if my husband continues to watch the news.

My dear friend is a professional singer who decided that some of the songs she sang didn't feel good. Other people loved to hear them, her voice sounds amazing singing these songs, yet the message and vibe don't make her feel good, so she has stopped singing them. Now when she sings, she always feels good which flows out to those that are listening. A win/win for everyone.

I used to hear my mother to say things to me that felt hurtful believing that there was nothing I could do about it without losing our connection. I’ve realized that I can still have a loving connection with her and set limits to what we do and don’t talk about. When I stand up for myself and say no to what feels bad, I feel empowered to take care myself, regardless of what others do - and that feels good. My job is taking care of me, and it's everyone else's job to do the same.

It is your birthright to feel good. You can choose what to do or not do, based on what feels best to you. Feeling bad does not make you mature, an adult, or special in any way, and anyone who told you that is simply justifying their own misery.

What choice can you make to feel good right now?

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