Growing up with parents who were children of the 1920’s depression era taught me that money didn’t grow on trees, was hard to come by, took incredibly hard work to attain, could be taken away in the blink of an eye, and that only a few lucky ones ever ‘made’ it financially. I learned that money was touted as the source of our safety and freedom and I had better figure out how to make some and save some if I wanted to be safe and free. When I was young, my mother would worry for hours about never having ‘enough’ money as a single parent raising a child on her own, and even now in her 80’s still lives with the same concern. As a working adult I’ve been taught that the higher you go in your career, the better it is, and the more money you will make. Yes, you have to work harder and make more sacrifices, but if money equals safety and freedom, then it’s all worth it – right?  

I was exhausted by working so hard based on my beliefs around money and survival. In fact, I compromised many of my own dreams and personal values to make more money and to ensure more money would be coming into our future. Although I ‘looked’ abundant (nice house, decent car, some travel, and vacations), I was always driven by a subtle fear of not having enough money and felt like I was constantly jeopardizing my safety and freedom.

How many of us have gone down a career path we didn’t care about, stayed in a job we hated or worked for someone where we could not be ourselves with the idea it helped us to stay safe and somewhat free? Many of us have given up on our passion, pleasure, and self-respect in the ongoing struggle to make the almighty dollar. We feel we have to pay a price to have the money required for safety and freedom. What if there is another way to look at the situation?

What if our belief that money equals our safety and freedom isn’t true? Let’s separate out those ideas for a moment. From a quantum physics perspective, money is simply energy vibrating at a certain rate, like everything else, and it comes to us when the energy we are expressing matches it. What I’ve learned is that the energy of money is the same as the energy of our unique authentic expression. When I’m doing what I love, things are easy, I’m in the flow and I feel good and money comes easily. From this perspective, we can simply create more money by fully expressing our uniqueness on a regular basis. No holding back, no dumbing down the message, no fitting into society’s ‘box’ that we have bought into through our culture, environment and the media.

OK – then what about safety and freedom? If they are not tied to money, what are they tied to?  

What if our safety and freedom come from our ability to choose what feels best for us, moment to moment? The only times I don’t feel safe, or I give up my freedom is when I choose something that doesn’t feel good to me. The other time is when I feel that I have no choice at all. When I don’t choose what is best for me or think I have no choices in a situation at work, in relationships, or with my health, I end up feeling trapped and end up giving up some of my personal power. I’m learning that I always have a choice – a choice to take care of myself by honoring what feels best to me moment to moment. This is where my true safety and freedom exist.

When I allow myself to express my authentic self in every aspect of my life, the money that I require to do what feels good shows up in surprising and delightful ways. When I make choices about what feels best to me, moment to moment, I feel safe, regardless of what anyone else is doing and I can fully embrace my freedom.

Ready to transform these old ideas into ones that feel better?