How do we become the leaders that we would want to follow?

As a leader, we need to balance many things to orchestrate and grow the contribution of many:

  • Goal achievement through other’s efforts

  • Expectation management internally and externally

  • Perceptions of all stakeholders

  • Developing more leaders


While leadership training and self awareness tools are helpful, leaders rarely learn how to:

  1. Define success for their team in the absence of clarity from a higher authority

  2. Create a culture of accountability for the social support required for success

  3. Solicit and integrate relevant feedback without taking any of it personally

  4. Invest in developing the talent of others

Tackling these requires a shift in mindset and behavior of leaders to address what many shy away from - the people side of leadership. We may have an insightful and expansive vision for the work, yet if we are unable to get others to understand it, buy in, or step up to the plate with their best contribution, we will fail to bring that vision into reality.

Belief coaching for leaders can help by getting to the ‘root-cause’ of what’s limiting our results – our limiting beliefs.

The limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world are often unconscious and play out in ways that keep us from our full potential as a leader.

Our limiting beliefs can pull our focus and energy away from what is most important, drain our precious energy and creativity, and keep our attention focused on what we have little to no control over.

Wendy is a powerful leader – she excels at thoughtful listening to lead you out of the brush and back on to the trail to address real challenges. She sees what is possible within your own sphere of influence and guides, suggests and nudges; all the while you think you did the work. If you have an organizational challenge, personal growth challenge, Wendy knows the world of the executive as well as the human being trying to make positive change. Invest your energy with Wendy and it will come back 10X as strong along with a clear map for moving down the trail.
— Chris P.


  • Defining success for you and your team both internally and externally including the values that are the standard for behavior.

  • Assessing the gaps between how things are now and the vision for success

  • Learning to clearly and kindly ask for what you want, and say no to what you don’t want with authority figures, peers and staff

  • Shift your own limiting beliefs and behaviors about yourself and others to offer your highest value and contribution

  • Modeling the new value based behaviors in day-to-day interactions with others while acknowledging positive changes in collaboration, influence, energy, and goal achievement

If you are ready to take your leadership next level of success, Leadership Coaching might be a good fit.