It’s difficult to identify our own limiting beliefs when we are in the middle of living them.

Changing our limiting beliefs to ones that work in our favor can be tricky when those beliefs lie hidden from our unconscious awareness. The key is to move our attention away from controlling ourselves and everyone around us, and move our focus to what we have real control over – our beliefs…and the feelings, actions and circumstances we create through them. 

Beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking until they become true for us.

belief circles cropped.png

When we challenge and change the ones that are working against us, we can create what we desire, with little effort, in every area of our lives.

It requires new skills to be present, recognize and feel what is going on inside of us, allow old energy to release, and to activate our imagination with all of our senses, regardless of past or present evidence in front of us. These are not the typical skills we were taught in school…


The Belief Coach offers present, compassionate and supportive coaching to help you release what no longer serves you and embrace who you really are. She has been using these tools for herself and others for the last two decades, and stands ready to support you to identify, challenge and change your limiting beliefs to liberate your full expression and contribution.

Belief Coaching guides you to:

  • Uncover the limiting beliefs that are out of alignment with your desires

  • Learn the skills to responsibly release the energy/emotion tied to those beliefs

  • Define empowering beliefs that are in alignment with your desires

  • Integrate those beliefs into your day to day life with support, working towards concrete measurable goals

We all meet people as we go through life; some of those people change your life. Wendy helps you figure out how you want to change your life for the better and realize your dreams. Her energy is infectious and the passion she has for what she does is unmistakable. It grabs hold of you and is something you keep coming back to long after you last spoke with her. She awakens the voice in you that says, “There has to be something more than this…” and helps you find the tools you need to move to that new and exciting place.
— J. Corey


Coaching can help you shift a specific situation you are in, or create a total transformation in one or more areas of your life.

1-hour sessions can be purchased for $200 each and include the mp4 of our session + tools for you to use on your own.

Total Transformation is achieved through a customized and focused ‘healing container’ that empowers you to transform one or more areas in your life. We begin with a written self-assessment and goal setting session to clarify success. What follows are weekly 1-hour video sessions with audio recordings, energy-release sessions, hands-on-exercises, guided visualizations, books, meditations and daily practices for a 30-day period. Includes 24/7 access to me for questions and support. Costs are $2,500 per month (30 days). Some goals require multiple months to achieve. I only take on 2 customers per month for this intensive work.

Additional 1-1 video sessions can be purchased for $200 as needed post-completion.

If you are ready to see concrete and lasting change, in any or every area of your life, one-on-one coaching might be right for you.