Balancing the Power Between Us

What has us feel powerless in our efforts to influence others and how do we balance the power equation between us?

Many of us feel our power is limited to our ‘role’ in society, on the organizational chart or generation of the family tree. If we feel that our wants and needs are not as important or more important than those around us, we may see others as ‘above us’ or ‘below us’. This perspective can prompt us to say yes to things we really don’t want to do, not ask for what we really want, or include/exclude others when working towards solutions.

When we start to see what we do want and what we are willing to do from a new frame of reference, we begin to see everyone’s wants and needs as equal which frees us up to see new solutions. From this new perspective, we stop looking to others as the source of what we want, take responsibility for what is best for us, and create win/win solutions that empower everyone involved.

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Get back on the same page together

  • Release limiting beliefs that keep you feeling powerless in the relationship

  • Identify a shared purpose for you both

  • Understand and honor the wants and willingness of both parties

  • Use the new frame of reference to find win/win solutions with each other

When my partner and I got back together 8 months ago we both made the commitment to do certain things differently. Eventually a situation came up that we both had very different needs and wants about which triggered up some old feelings from when we were together before. My Ego was telling me “see things haven’t changed” and an old belief “if he gets what he wants, I won’t get what I want” got triggered for me too. I felt completely stuck and didn’t know how to shift out of that old story so that my partner and I could move forward in a way that felt good to both of us. We decided to have a session with Wendy and that changed everything!

The space that Wendy held for us felt safe and open. She is so objective that we both felt supported and understood by Wendy during our session. That time, to me, was priceless. It shifted everything for me. At the beginning of the session I was feeling closed down, discouraged, and a little bit hopeless. But by the end I felt truly seen and heard by my partner! And best of all I felt relieved…all the doubts I had going into the session about my partner’s commitment to me had been alleviated. It was such a relief to be able to find middle ground together that we both felt good about. The tools and exercises we learned working with Wendy are tools we will be using again and again as we move forward and grow in partnership.
— Katie H.

Equaling Power Sessions Include:

  1. One 1-hour video call with each person to clarify shared purpose and personal ‘wants’

  2. One three-hour (3) session to create common ground and new win/win solutions

  3. A write up of the session and next step agreements

  4. A one-hour follow up call with each person to provide guidance and support on shared agreements

Don’t let distance get in your way! Sessions can be done in person or via video.


Costs for Individuals: $850

Costs for Organizations: Upon Request

If you are ready to see lasting and concrete change in your relationship, Equalizing Power might be for you.