What beliefs do you have about why we are here as humans on this planet? Do you believe what the priests and rabbis told us: that we are here to earn our way into heaven? Maybe you learned we are here to finish our lessons in this world of illusion, so we can reduce our Karma and eventually not have to return here in another lifetime? Perhaps you learned we are all a random experiment in the soup of life, and that it’s about the survival of the fittest?

Regardless of the origin of your beliefs, many of us expect to suffer, and believe that life I­­­­­s “against us,” not “for us”--that a better life comes later. Watching the news can confirm these expectations by filling us with fear-based stories that leave us feeling helpless and too insignificant to deal with all the ills of this world.

What if these beliefs are NOT true? What if heaven on earth is right under our noses and we just haven't known where to look? What if our joy is available now, and we are worthy of it now, without changing a thing about who we are? What if everything happening in our lives is actually for us, not against us?

It is helpful to ask ourselves, “What if this situation were for me and not against me?” or, “What might this situation be helping me to learn or remember about who I really am?”

One of my favorite teachers, Leonard Jacobson, has taught me that heaven on earth is available to me now--when I take the time to be fully present with what is already here. Trees, flowers, clouds, sun sparkling on the water--whatever I give my full attention to begins to glow. As my mind becomes silent, I can feel the glow radiating outward and I can feel my body begin to glow along with it. In this place of communion, I experience such a peaceful, uplifted, wondrous connection and I realize that everything is connected and it is all happening for us. It is never against us.

When I remember that the quantum field brings me exactly what I need to grow, I can decide that what's happening is always for me, not against me. I get to decide what is true for me moment-to- moment. I get to decide the meaning I give to the experiences I create in my life.

What you watch affects how you feel. How you feel creates more experiences that generate that same feeling.

Watching the news can help us feel informed of everything that is against us—and many of us contract in fear to protect ourselves from the worst scenario our frightened egos can imagine.

Instead of trying to make sense of my world through a fear-based mechanism, I’ve been turning more to the natural world which helps me remember that I am connected to everything and everything that is happening is for us. I find that the natural world is eager to support us as we expand into the joyful beings we are meant to be. A plant on your desk, a moment with the tree by your parking space, a sniff of a rose as you pass by…. These are moments to experience the connection to who you really are.

What will you choose to give your attention to today?

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