How do we help our grantees achieve and improve mission-based outcomes from their efforts? Less than 35% of the nonprofit sector has a culture that prompts and rewards them to continuously predict, track, assess and integrate participant behavior and condition change into their overall management efforts. It takes leadership, vision, clarity, persistence, data systems, financial support, a learning mindset and a clear understanding of their role in participant outcome achievement and improvement. Grantmakers can jump-start the process in ways that support a grantees outcome capacity, learning integration and outcome improvement over time. Come learn what grantees are struggling with, what they really need and how you can support them in meaningful and tangible ways.

Three Learning Objectives:

1.     Assess where their grantees are along the continuum of outcome improvement success

2.     Understand grantee barriers to cultivating and improving outcomes

3.     Identify at least 2 potential changes to grantmaking practices to support outcome improvement success