• Lowes Hotel Hollywood (map)
  • 1755 N Highland Avenue
  • Hollywood, CA, 90028
  • United States

Join us at the Grant Manager Network Annual Conference in Hollywood - March 20-22 2017

Why is it that some projects and people are easy and satisfying to work with and others are not? Even when our small team is focused on ‘doing good’, what is it that makes certain efforts succeed and others struggle, sputter or bomb out? Why do some of our best laid plans never come to fruition? If team members have expectations that are out of alignment with the shared goals of the team, the odds of success go down significantly. The limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves and each other, and the goals we seek to achieve, are often unconscious and play out in ways that keep us and the team we are part of from our full potential. When our expectations of ourselves and the rest of the team are aligned with our shared goals, things happen easily and quickly and generate new ideas and energy in everyone involved.

Participants will

  • Learn how to bridge the alignment gaps among teams
  • Create safety in team relationships
  • Open dialogue with others in new and effective ways