• Lowes Hotel Hollywood CA (map)
  • 1755 N Highland Avenue
  • Hollywood, CA, 90028
  • United States

Join us at the Grant Managers Network Annual Conference March 20-22 2017

What does it take to move from being seen as an administrator to being seen as a leadership advisor? In this follow up session from GMN2016 (“Moving from the Back Room to the Executive Suite”), we will review the roles, beliefs, and behaviors that hold us back or help us make the move, and then take a dive into two leaders’ successful transitions. This session digs deep into what it takes to make this transition in both mindset and action. It uses real examples and best practices on how to navigate the journey, and is helpful to both those who want to make the move, and the leaders that support them.

Participants will

  • Discover how to embrace new beliefs and practices that will change how grants management professionals are seen within your organization, the value you bring to the leadership table, and how you see yourself
  • Learn how to stop taking orders and start taking charge of how your organization gathers, assesses, and uses data for decision-making that leads to the highest impact
  • Identify ways to expand your advisory role by knowing who your “customers” are, what success means to them, and what you can provide to help them succeed